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Latest post: 2017 Startup Events

We believe that startup events can be very useful, but can also be a huge waste of time and money (our thoughts on startup events here). So while trying to make the best of 2017 …


2017 Startup Events

We’ve put together a list of startup events for 2017

Startup Events – to work or net-work?

Looking at the date of the draft, I figured I’ve put my first notes for this post back in the end of 2014 — as I remember now, just after HowToWeb. It was about the end of the conference season that year, and as I was torn between attending events and working in the office, I realized […]

We are hiring

Eleven is growing. We are looking for a CFO to join the team full time.

Eleven 2.0

The start of our 11th application window marks also a few big changes at Eleven.

Scoutee Closed a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

The Slovenians from Eleven’s 8th batch developed the world’s first smart speed radar for baseball and sold over 340 pieces in a month. While they keep getting pre-orders from all over the world, we asked Majda, co-founder and CMO, to share some insights from Scoutee’s crowdfunding experience.

Eleven: Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

Only 3 years from the start of our 1st program we are now opening our 10th application window. In the meantime we have invested in 100+ companies, making us the most prolific early stage investor in Europe. We’ll keep the momentum by doubling the size of our first fund to EUR 25m as of 2016, allowing us to invest even more per startup than now.

The European Accelerators in Numbers 2014

A research conducted by Eleven on how European accelerators stack against each other in number of investments and terms in 2014.


Dronamics has just won the Pioneers Festival Challenge 2015 – one of the biggest startup competitions in Europe! Are the Rangelov brothers (the two founders) following in the footsteps of the Wright brothers revolutionizing the Unmanned Aircraft Systems? Let’s see what they think.


We are happy to announce that the amazing 9th batch of Eleven startups has conquered the Roof! 3 non-IT and 2 hardware projects, 2 games and 7 software solutions mostly B2B and SaaS oriented.

Join an Eleven MeetUp in a City Near You

In the next 2 weeks, the startup founders at Eleven will organize several meetups across the region, where they will meet you, share with you their firsthand experience and answer your questions.

Become One of 11

Eleven’s first and last application window for 2015 is now open!

The New 12 of Eleven

The new year has come and the Eleven family has just grown by 12, now counting 95! We have a new colourful crowd under the Roof that’s serving from babies, through baseball players, to medical doctors.

Officesurfing at Eleven: Zornitsa Tomova

Zori is a positive and ever smiling co-founder of a startup ZenQ . This is a mobile app for people interested in positive thinking and living a happy life to express their gratitude and appreciation of others. She visited us twice and I decided to ask her why. You are here for the second time. […]

Officesurfing at Eleven: Ostoja Borkovic

“Officesurfing” is couchsurfing-like experience of “surfing on” others’ offices for a day. It works as a cultural exchange program, a semester abroad, a year-long travels to explore the world. Even if it is just for a day. Thus, it gets you exposed to various environments allows you to meet new awesome people breaks your routine […]

Tips on Impressing Early Stage Investors (II)

We have a big sign in our office quoting Voltaire saying “Common sense is not so common”. So after reviewing a few hundred applications to Eleven’s Batch 8, here are a few more tips on making a great application for early stage funding. And yes, they sound commons sense, but yet Voltaire was a pretty […]

Officesurfing at Eleven: Kaloyan Iliev

  “Officesurfing” is couchsurfing-like experience of “surfing on” others’ offices for a day. It works as a cultural exchange program, a semester abroad, a year-long travels to explore the world. Even if it is just for a day. Thus, it gets you exposed to various environments allows you to meet new awesome people breaks your […]

8 Tips to Impress Early Stage Investors

So, you have a great idea, spent some time building it, and now it is time to take it to the next level and get some funding for it?   As part of Eleven, I have reviewed several thousand applications in the last two years, 83 of which made it to the end and received a […]

On Bridges and Overlaps

by Dilyan Dimitrov   Just before 7pm on a warm October evening we land in Podgorica, a city of some 150,000 people, capital of Montenegro, and the fourth stop of Start Trek. For most of the trekkies this is a first time in Montenegro and were quite surprised to learn that this tiny country has one of the best […]

On the Road with “Start Trek”

In this series inventures joins startup community builders in their adventures on the road. Vesselina Tasheva shares the roadtrip experience from Eleven’s point of view. Start Trek felt like a love story to me. A sort of a love story that happened in the past 12 days… As any true love story you never really […]

Eleven Announces it’s Seventh Batch of Companies

Just two years after we started, in September 2012, we are happy to announce our seventh, and so far – largest, batch of fifteen companies to join the accelerator. As always, we have teams and founders from all over the world, including our first Portuguese team and first founder from Macedonia.   The new batch […]

How Officesurfing Started

As a mentor or just as a guest on the couch, I’ve been working from Eleven almost every Tuesday in the last 8 months. The people, the atmosphere, the wifi and the espresso shots have made my work days more enjoyable and more memorable. I use the notion of “officesurfing” when I refer to the […]

Eleven’s Partners and Perks

Being accepted in the Eleven program is not easy, but once you make it, you know that you are among the best. Our all-star partners also know that and join forces with us to support you in building a business from scratch and making it truly successful.

For the Love of Hardware

by Daniel Tomov. Having invested in several amazing hardware startups, we at Eleven are not only truly in love with hardware, but we built great confidence and expertise in how to support talented engineers who build the next generation of hardware products!

Eleven 100 just got better!

by Ivaylo Simov. The accelerator world is changing and we are constantly striving to stay abreast. Check out our new terms for Season 7.

Meet the New Eleven All-Star Teams

by Teodora Mircheva. Believe it or not, it has been а pure coincidence that once again we have 11 teams joining the family. However, this time the plot thickens because we already have our Eleven 100 mature startups stepping in together with some of the most talented early stage companies in CEE.

The European Accelerators in Numbers 2013

A research conducted by Eleven on how European accelerators stack against each other in number of investments and terms in 2013.

Eleven Season VI Now Open

by Dilyan Dimitrov, founder at Eleven. Hello, and welcome to Eleven’s sixth application window. Our community has never been stronger with five batches, 57 funded companies, 150+ founders, an all-star cast of mentors and strong network of angel investors.

Eleven 100

by Ivaylo Simov, founder at Eleven. Introducing Eleven 100 for more advanced startups.

The Impostor’s Syndrome Or Why You Need To Believe In Your Own Success

Guest post by Kathleen Fritzsche, StartUp Stuttgart A new year starts, a lot of new resolutions ensue. In startup business, that usually means working even harder, going to more high-level networking events to make contacts and scaling your business tremendously. But what does it mean on a personal level? Is working hard the only key […]

10 New Teams will Join Eleven Next January

Less than three months ago, in September, we announced our fourth batch of fantastic startups that joined the family. Today, we are happy to share our latest additions from batch 5, to enter the Roof early next year, but not before we share some insights and brag a little. We have been investing for a […]

Fail Fast Fallacy

by Ivaylo Simov and Dilyan Dimitrov, founders at Eleven At every startup conference (we’ve been to a lot) there’s usually at least one important d*ck to propagate the bullsh*t fail fast mantra in his or her presentation. Usually it goes with other copy paste advices for startups, including the exact opposite perseverance slide. HOW IT […]

Pivots, the Signs of Learning

Guest post by Marko Francekovic, founder at Hungrio, a company invested by Eleven. Check out the original post here. It’s been a while since I have written about what is going on with Hungrio. September 15th we have arrived to Sofia – as we were accepted to Eleven. I still can’t believe that the three months accelerator program […]


  ПОКАНА ЗА ПОЛУЧАВАНЕ НА ЦЕНОВИ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ По проект BG161PO003-3.2.01-0002-C0001 „Повишаване на възможностите за подкрепа, предоставяна от Илевън България ООД, за развитие на про-иновативна среда и подпомагане на стартиращи предприятия“ Бенефициент:                       ИЛЕВЪН БЪЛГАРИЯ ООД Адрес:                                    гр. София, ул. Ген. Й. В. Гурко  4; Ет. 2 e-mail:                            Представляващ:                  Даниел Томов 1. Разходи за достъп до бази […]

Start Trek 2013, Balkan Tour

Eleven and LauncHUB, the two most active early stage investors in Europe, are organizing a series of meetups with entrepreneurs from CEE starting October 14 in Belgrade, and followed on the 15th in Zagreb, 16th – Banja Luka, 17th – Podgorica and 18th – Pristina. The two funds organize the events in partnership with, […]

Startup Ideas we’d Like to Fund

By Ivaylo Simov, founder at Eleven. A list of 17 areas, where Eleven thinks good projects could emerge.

The New Ten

by Dilyan Dimitrov, founder at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund It was a great summer for Eleven. Doing this, and returning back in the beginning of September, exactly one year after we moved in the Roof with our first batch of 11 companies. It felt almost like the changeover to a new calendar year – a […]

Zen, and the art of Hearing “No”

by Dilyan Dimitrov, founder at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund In Eleven, we work in cycles. Every few months we open a new application window, review a few hundred applications, interview, meet, assess, and select 10 to 15 companies to join our programme. And before we start again, we try to give meaningful feedback to all […]


We do it twice per year. In August and around Christmas/New Year.

After the Third Month

by Dilyan Dimitrov, founder at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund With this post, I will try to answer the question we get more and more often these days – “What happens at the end of the third month at Eleven?” Just to put it in context, Eleven is a 12 million Euro acceleration and seed fund […]

Meet the Lucky 13 – Who is Joining Eleven’s Third Batch on April 8?

By Maxim Gurvits. Introducing Eleven’s third batch of companies.

Webit Congress Startup Challenge Announced

Having attracted over 500 teams from 52 countries in 2012, the Webit Congress StartUp Challenge will again highlight the work and ideas of 21 shortlisted startups, giving them the opportunity to exhibit for free and pitch in front of major investors, VCs, partners, 530 international media representatives / blogggers and over 6000 Webit Congress delegates […]

Unioncy is Now Officially Up!

We’re proud to say that Unioncy, your online treasure trove and best mate for organizing your personal belongings and discovering new products, is officially launching today. Unioncy is now open and free for all users. The site offers a wide set of features that will help you in getting information about what to do with all your […]

Eleven in London

“We should be doing this more often” was the general take from our London week. And it was not about the city… London was its usual not very hospitable self during this part of the year…it was all about the people we met. But first things first, a big thank you to Google. Once again […]

Eleven Games

Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund, with the support of XS Software ( will host a 6-months programme for game startups, to begin in April. Applications are taken online at Come April, the Roof will be a much more playful space. We are happy to announce the launch of the application process for our first games-only […]

Eleven Season III

On Jan 2, 2013 we announced the start of our third application window. You may go directly to the application here, or first read the below, as well as two previous posts: suggestions to applicants to Season II, and the statistics of Eleven’s Season I and II applications. A few words about the process itself […]

Eleven’s New Magnificent 8 and Some Other Numbers

We’re off to a rolling start in 2013, with the 8 new Eleven teams starting at Eleven HQ in Sofia on January 7. In case you missed it, here are our exciting new companies: CATALOGSTER | Bulgaria/Sweden | Deyan and Victor are two young but experienced techies, previously involved with rolling out major consumer internet products […]

Now Presenting: Eleven Scouts

When we started Eleven back in April of this year, we learned one thing very quickly – despite all our blog posts, media coverage and Q&A sections, entrepreneurs wanted to have their questions answered by a real person. So we started our Open Meetings – an initiative that is still alive today – where we […]

Eleven, Season II Now in Theaters Near You

Yesterday, October 4, we announced officially the start of our second application window. You may go directly to the application (link is at the end of this page), or take a minute to read this post before that. The application will be open for one month, till midnight EEST on November 4 (so you have […]