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Startup Events – to work or net-work?

Looking at the date of the draft, I figured I’ve put my first notes for this post back in the end of 2014 — as I remember now, just after HowToWeb. It was about the end of the conference season that year, and as I was torn between attending events and working in the office, I realized […]

Eleven 2.0

The start of our 11th application window marks also a few big changes at Eleven.

On the Road with “Start Trek”

In this series inventures joins startup community builders in their adventures on the road. Vesselina Tasheva shares the roadtrip experience from Eleven’s point of view. Start Trek felt like a love story to me. A sort of a love story that happened in the past 12 days… As any true love story you never really […]


  ПОКАНА ЗА ПОЛУЧАВАНЕ НА ЦЕНОВИ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ По проект BG161PO003-3.2.01-0002-C0001 „Повишаване на възможностите за подкрепа, предоставяна от Илевън България ООД, за развитие на про-иновативна среда и подпомагане на стартиращи предприятия“ Бенефициент:                       ИЛЕВЪН БЪЛГАРИЯ ООД Адрес:                                    гр. София, ул. Ген. Й. В. Гурко  4; Ет. 2 e-mail:                            Представляващ:                  Даниел Томов 1. Разходи за достъп до бази […]