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Filement is developing a product that provides universal secure and direct access to any user device regardless of user’s location. It supports Windows PC, Mac, Linux, mobile devices, smart routers and public clouds and any other Internet enabled devices. The basic functionality of Filement includes file upload, download, move files between devices and edit. More advanced features support video streaming (including subtitles) of all kinds of formats, audio streaming, simple sharing, pictures preview and PDF preview.


Nikola Nikov

Co-founder of WebConnect ltd. ( )...

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Plamen Aleksandrov

Founder of Aomeda ltd. ( ). Co-Founder of Filement Bulgaria Ltd....

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Rene Tomova

Co-founder of Creative Shower, a design thinking lab...

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Vassil Velichkov

CTO at Sensika Technologies. Vassil designs and builds scalable software architecture and extreme performance Private Cloud / HPC infrastructure for external...

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