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Golden will acquire the existing Golden Pages brand, data base and web site and will provide classified advertising services to SMEs across Bulgaria via The existing website will be improved to make it more attractive to and better used by consumers and easier for SMEs. New marketing and sales services, e.g. lead generation, direct selling via a call centre, sales and service of web sites, mobile web sites and Facebook pages etc will be developed and a new team will be recruited and trained deliver these services to SMEs, initially in Sofia but in time across Bulgaria..

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Chris Childress

A US national, Chris is a well rounded business executive with more than ten years experience in IT consulting and...

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Irini Zikidis

A dynamic sales leader, Irini has wide experience in recruiting, training and managing multi-disciplined sales teams. She specialises in getting...

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Nick Saunders

An Australian living and working in Europe for the last 25 years. Multi-skilled, wide experience, enthusiastic entrepreneur, motivated leader and...

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