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How Officesurfing Started


How Officesurfing Started

As a mentor or just as a guest on the couch, I’ve been working from Eleven almost every Tuesday in the last 8 months. The people, the atmosphere, the wifi and the espresso shots have made my work days more enjoyable and more memorable.

I use the notion of “officesurfing” when I refer to the couchsurfing-like experience of “surfing on” others’ offices for a day.

It was in September last year when I heard the term for thefirst time – Monika from, a Berlin-based startup, was sharing her officesurfing experiences. As a couchsurfer myself it immediately caught my attention.

Officesurfing is quite cool, I think. It works as a cultural exchange program, a semester abroad, a year-long travels to explore the world. Even if it is just for a day. Thus, it

  • gets you exposed to various environments,
  • allows you to meet new awesome people,
  • breaks your routine by feeding your creativity and adaptability.


Except for being fun, for me it is like a quick feedback loop when trying to further develop and engage the startup community. In a way while officesurfing, I am constantly part of a focus group. As I carefully listen to the conversations they have with me or around me, I understand better the challenges the community is facing, the needs it has and the way I can be more relevant to it.

And that’s why I also encourage you to break your own routine. Come officesurfing at Eleven, regardless if you are on the other side of the continent or just around the corner. Come so we can enjoy together the people, the atmosphere, the wifi and the espresso shots. The rest we can leave to serendipity.

For officesurfing at Eleven sign up now or ping us on twitter @elevenbg.


*Vessy used to be Community Manager at Eleven.