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Join an Eleven MeetUp in a City Near You


Join an Eleven MeetUp in a City Near You




We couldn’t figure out a better way to show you what it is to be One of 11, than meeting you with the people who already won our hearts – the Eleven alumni.


In the next 2 weeks, the startup founders at Eleven will organize several meetups across the region, where they will meet you, share with you their firsthand experience and answer your questions. They have complete freedom to choose the format of the meetups, so don’t be surprised if in some cities they ask you to pitch, while in others they open you a beer – they will just show you the many faces of being One of 11. One thing is sure – all of them have walked the full path from application to building a business, and this makes their insights priceless.


The meetups are open, informal and for you to get information, so ask questions freely. More details on the dates and locations of the meetups can be found below and on our Facebook page.


In case you want to talk directly with the Eleven team, we have opened office hours on Feb 24th and Mar 4th. You can book a 20-minute live or Skype meeting here:


PS. You can apply to become One of 11 by March 8th here



Varna – Feb 20th, 7 pm, Varna Lab

Plovdiv – Feb 24th, 6:30 pm, Hackafe

Sofia – Feb 24th & Mar 4th, Eleven HQ



Novi Sad – Feb 24th, 6:30 pm, Novi Sad Hub

Belgrade – Feb 27th, 6 pm, Potkrovlje Hub

Nis – Mar 3rd, 11 am, Deli Centar



Maribor – Feb 24th, 7 pm, Kid Kibla



Zagreb – Feb 27th,  7 pm, HUB Zagreb



Bucharest – Feb 26th, 10 am, Tech Hub Bucharest



Podgorica – Feb 23rd, 7 pm, HQ



Istanbul – TBD

Izmir – TBD


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