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Mentorship at Eleven


At Eleven, we seek mentors from all walks of life, but we particularly welcome entrepreneurs who can share lessons and experience and say ‘when I was in that situation I did this and it didn’t work’ or ‘I did this and it worked’ . This is worth far more than money.

Meet the mentors

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are key to the overall success of the Eleven accelerator and include entrepreneurs, industry experts (technology, finance, marketing & PR, sales, etc.), angels, and venture capital professionals.

What time do mentors need to commit?

We are looking for our mentors to commit to a day to meet the teams once every quarter or so, followed by one hour per week for mentor catch up meetings (via phone, skype, video conference or face to face) with the projects they like. Obviously, if you can provide more time, the teams would be delighted. We recognize that some mentors will struggle to provide this level of support, but may be prepared to provide limited phone support and or important connections, which can be just as valuable.

What will I do as a mentor?

You will meet with the teams who will present you with their current challenges. Using your experience, expertise or connections, you will help them overcome their challenges. This is an on-going process and may last from a couple of months to several years, if there is proper match and mutual interest.

What’s in it for me?

Firstly, this will be an exciting process and you will have the opportunity to work with some amazing teams and startups. Some mentors and teams may choose to continue to work in a more formal way at the end of the program as either trusted advisers or by joining the Board of Directors. For those with cash to invest it’s a great way of carrying out due diligence on the team and the business before you invest. You will have the opportunity to meet and build connections with all the accelerator mentors (250+). Unless you prefer not to, your profile will be on the Eleven website, raising your recognition across the tech community and beyond. It will be fun and you will be supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

How do I sign up?

Get in touch with us.