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Now Presenting: Eleven Scouts


Now Presenting: Eleven Scouts

Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund announces its scouts network in the region

When we started Eleven back in April of this year, we learned one thing very quickly – despite all our blog posts, media coverage and Q&A sections, entrepreneurs wanted to have their questions answered by a real person. So we started our Open Meetings – an initiative that is still alive today – where we invite anyone and everyone for a cup of coffee and a chat. At that time it was three of us dedicated full time on Eleven, but now our team has grown to five, and we’re still growing.

Although Open Meetings are a great and fun way of spending our Wednesday mornings ever since, they did not optimally serve our goal to become not only the #1 accelerator in Bulgaria, but in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. So we started travelling – we covered London, Berlin, and virtually every major city and event in the region. And we still felt we could do better.

While travelling throughout the region, however, other than many great startups, we met many awesome people, who shared our goal of turning New Europe into the new hot place for entrepreneurship and innovation. Today, we are happy to introduce the beginning of our regional expansion through our Scout Network.

We are proud to welcome Bogdan Iordache, Ivan Brezan Brkan, and Vukašin Stojkov, our scouts for Romania, Croatia and Serbia respectively, to the network of Eleven. All three of them are currently mentors to our startups, and on their own are outstanding leaders of the quickly growing and blossoming startup communities in their countries.

Apart from generally helping startups in their cities, each of our scouts has the exclusive option to give away one contestant place on our Selection Day, which happens four times each year, and is the day when we select the 10-15 startups that join Eleven proramme from around 30 finalists, shortlisted from the approximately 500 applications that we receive each time.

With Bogdan, Ivan, and Vukašin, we’re looking forward to engaging even further with the exciting startup scenes of New Europe countries, and to bringing funding opportunities to the next generation of awesome startups that will come from this developing hotbed of tech.

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