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Officesurfing at Eleven: Kaloyan Iliev


Officesurfing at Eleven: Kaloyan Iliev


“Officesurfing” is couchsurfing-like experience of “surfing on” others’ offices for a day. It works as a cultural exchange program, a semester abroad, a year-long travels to explore the world. Even if it is just for a day. Thus, it

  • gets you exposed to various environments
  • allows you to meet new awesome people
  • breaks your routine by feeding your creativity and adaptability

Come officesurfing at Eleven, regardless if you are on the other side of the continent or just around the corner. Come so we can enjoy together the people, the atmosphere, the wifi and the espresso shots. The rest we can leave to serendipity.


Meet one of the 40+ officesurfers we’ve had at Eleven — Kaloyan Iliev. He is the Founder of Aha!CAR – shared travelling platform. This is what he shared with us about his officesurfing experience at Eleven.

So, what happened to you today?

Here I met optimistic, creative and friendly people, who helped me to look beyond the issues I have. At Eleven the path between an idea and its realization is very short. Speaking to one of the founders for just 5 minutes provided me with 2 new solutions. Imagine then what information you can receive if you speak to 3 or 4 people? The positive atmosphere here nourishes the ideas and you can easily put them into action.

Did you find what you were looking for at Eleven?

Today I came at your office with no expectations, which makes everything what happened today a bonus. I only had 2 tasks – to meet Vessy from Eleven and talk with Hristo from TaxiMe and both of them happened. So far, I have worked in a very conventional office atmosphere in which people usually talk about the weather, football or Grigor Dimitrov. Here the air is different, because there are no limitations for your communication with the people. Sitting at the bar, I am at a very strategic point. It is really easy to grab someone and they never refuse to respond.

Any tips for future officesurfers?

There should be a balance between helping people and looking for help. I don’t think that it’s appropriate to walk around the desks and intrude everyone: “Hey, how are you? I this and that… Can you help me with this issue?”  I advise newcomers to know their questions. Then it’s easy to look for the right answer.



P.S If this sounds interesting to you, ping me @margaretdobreva or Vessy @vtasheva