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The European Accelerators in Numbers 2013


The European Accelerators in Numbers 2013

by Teodora Mircheva and Ivaylo Simov


At Eleven we are striving to be the biggest, fastest and baddest accelerator in Europe. Well guess what, we have some numbers* to prove we are moving there quickly.

There are only two accelerators that have invested in more startups than Eleven (and, mind you, this is since inception). These are Seedcamp (London) and Launchpad (Dublin). If we count multiple locations Wayra would top the list for 2013, followed by Startupbootcamp, but we believe the different cities are somewhat different programs, so that’s why we have listed them separately.

In analyzing the data we came up with some interesting findings. Sofia is the #3 accelerator capital after only London and Dublin, slightly ahead of more famous startup hubs like Berlin and Paris.

*Only the top nine (by number of startups) cities are included in the table below.


City# startups

Also the most active funds have some of the best terms (money wise) for startups – see infographic below. Indeed we believe it makes sense for startups considering accelerators to choose bigger accelerators (because of the excellent networking and peer collaboration opportunities) with better terms – like us (hint, hint) or our friends from Techstars London, which offer $100k convertible note to all their teams on top of the equity investment.

So enjoy the numbers and draw your own conclusions.


<— scroll table left and right for full detail —>


InvestmentInvestment (€)EquityURL
SeedcampLondon200711135€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0010.00%Link
NDRC LaunchpadDublin200810640€ 20,000.00€ 20,000.00n/aLink
ElevenSofia20125735€ 25,000.00€ 25,000.008.00%Link
TechStars LondonLondon20105121€ 18,000.00€ 18,000.006.00%Link
Wayra UKLondon20124940€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0015.00%Link
Le CampingParis20114812€ 4,500.00€ 4,500.000.00%Link
LaunchubSofia20123518€ 30,000.00€ 30,000.0010.00%Link
StartupbootcampCopenhagen2011309€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
hub:raumBerlin201230n/a€ 100,000.00€ 100,000.0010.00%Link
StartupbootcampAmsterdam2012299€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
Ignite100Newcastle20112810£15,000.00€ 17,692.508.00%Link
Wayra SpainMadrid20112810€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0015.00%Link
Bethnal Green VenturesLondon201026 n/a£15,000.00€ 17,692.506.00%Link
TechPeaksTrento201323 23€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.000.00%Link
Gamma RebelsWarsaw20111410€ 12,000.00€ 12,000.0010.00%Link
OxygenBirmingham2011248€ 21,000.00€ 21,000.008.00%Link
Startup Wise GuysTallinn20122315€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
StartupYardPrague2011226€ 10,000.00€ 10,000.005.00%Link
GamefoundersTallinn20122115€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.009.00%Link
StartupbootcampBerlin20122111€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
RockstartAmsterdam20112010€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
Startup ReykjavikReykjavik20122010$16,000.00€ 12,025.606.00%Link
DCU Ryan AcademyDublin201019  n/a€ 30,000.00€ 30,000.007.50%Link
StartupbootcampDublin2012177€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
NDRC VentureLabDublin2010164€ 100,000.00€ 100,000.00n/aLink
Axel Springer Plug&PlayBerlin20131616€ 25,000.00€ 25,000.005.00%Link
Wayra SpainBarcelona2012169€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0015.00%Link
Open FundAthens2009168€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0010.00%Link
Startup 42Paris20131414€ –€ –0.00%Link
FarminersMoscow201113 n/a$150,000.00€ 112,740.0040.00%Link
NextstarsParis201213 n/a€ 10,000.00€ 10,000.00n/aLink
Orange FabParis2012126€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.00n/aLink
ProSiebenSat.1Munich20131212€ 25,000.00€ 25,000.005.00%Link
NEST’upWallonia2012116€ 200,000.00€ 200,000.00n/aLink
FitStartupFactoryIstanbul201111 n/an/an/an/aLink
Wayra GermanyMunich2012114€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0015.00%Link
Wayra IrelandDublin20121110€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0015.00%Link
hub:raumKrakow201211n/a€ 100,000.00€ 100,000.0010.00%Link
YIN IncubatorBerlin201010 n/a€ 25,000.00€ 25,000.000.00%Link
Berlin Startup AcademyBerlin2012105participation feeparticipation fee4.00%Link
StartupbootcampMadrid2012100€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
StartupbootcampEindhoven20131010€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.008.00%Link
EastlabsKyiv201192$20,000.00€ 15,032.0015.00%Link
ACME labsBudapest20138 8n/an/an/aLink
Startup HighwayVilnius201180€ 14,000.00€ 14,000.007.50%Link
Wayra Czech RepublicPrague201388€ 50,000.00€ 50,000.0015.00%Link
Huge ThingPoznan20127 n/aPLN 30.000.00€ 7,137.0010.00%Link
Pearson CatalystUK (virtual)201366$15,000.00€ 11,274.000.00%Link
LaunchboxDublin201366€ 10,000.00€ 10,000.000.00%Link
Dotforge AcceleratorShefield201260n/an/an/aLink
Emerge EducationLondon201366£15,000.00€ 17,692.5010.00%Link
The AcceleratorAthens20115 n/an/an/an/aLink
IdealabsAntwerpen201240€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.0010.00%Link
YIN AcceleratorMunich20103 n/a€ 500,000.00€ 500,000.00n/aLink
BetaFoundryOxford201130£5,000€ 5,897.5010.00%Link
EcoMachines IncubatorLondon201322£100.000€ 117,950.00n/aLink
BuilditTartu2013n/an/a€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.0010.00%Link
Tolstoy Summer CampMoscow2013n/an/a$100,000.00€ 75,160.00n/aLink
IndustrioTrento2013n/an/a€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.00n/aLink
Black Forest AcceleratorLahr2013n/an/a€ 12,500.00€ 12,500.007.00%Link
Tex DriveMoscow2011n/an/a$25,000.00€ 18,790.0010.00%Link
GrowthUpKyiv2010n/an/a$25,000.00€ 18,790.00n/aLink
ICatapultBudapest2012n/an/a€ 200,000.00€ 200,000.0019.00%Link
betaFactoryOslo2011n/an/aNOK 100,000.00€ 12,630.00n/aLink
H-FarmLondon2005n/an/a€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.0010.00%Link
H-FarmVenice2005n/an/a€ 15,000.00€ 15,000.0010.00%Link

Exchange Rates (average 12-Feb-13 – 12-Feb-14)
GBP/EUR: 1.1795
USD/EUR: 0.7513
NOK /EUR: 0.1263
PLN /EUR: 0.2379

Source: Oanda,


*Disclaimer: The data herein has been assembled as a research on the competitive landscape in Europe for Eleven’s own use and broadly represents the market as of the end of 2013. We have mostly relied on publicly available information from the respective accelerators websites. We have not confirmed or verified in any way the correctness of these numbers. If you would like to have certain information updated or removed, please write to teodora [at] Eleven [dot] bg. The author and Eleven do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

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