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The First 11 @ Eleven


The First 11 @ Eleven

What could be a better start for our blog than announcing the first teams to start their journey in our accelerator program in September…but few more lines of patience…

Being a startup ourselves, we launched Eleven with high hopes and expectations about the great teams we would meet, who strive to change the world for better with their disrupting ideas…We’ve constantly been confronted with the dogma that there is nothing exciting in our region…Strongly believing in the opposite we travelled extensively in the region and attended many local and regional startup events and…Surprise, surprise!… we were amazed by the incredibly talented entrepreneurs around who succeed despite the odds…As a friend once told us “It’s easy to make it happen out of London or Palo Alto, but the real test is to make it happen out of the region”

And the number (500!!!) and the quality of applications in our first application window speak for itself about the potential of the startup ecosystem in the region…however still remaining a well kept secret for the world…but this will change with the bridges we build with other vibrant communities (Silicon Valley, London, Berlin, Israel) through our all star cast of mentors, including Googlers, and our partners from Springboard.

And here’s our final selection that everybody is waiting for:

Eventyard is a platform where the events find you. The innovative platform brings your type of events closer to you. No matter what a great variety your hobbies and interests are, Eventyard will provide relevant suggestions. By the way the project recently won the local competition 3Challenge, organized by our good friends from StartIT Smart. We especially like the enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude of its threesome team.

Farmhopping is a network of sustainable farms, where users can own a real animal or part of a real working farm, and manage these with the help of an interactive web platform. As co-owners the users can decide how to utilise their production and how to manage their flock or produce. The users are rewarded with different real life privileges, including free stays on the farm. This real life Farmville is brought by an energetic team lead by an even more energetic lady.

Filement is a platform for data management and availability, accessible viа intuitive and easy-to-use interface usable on all kind of devices. The three guys are our geeks on board and our tech mentors love them.

GrabaLanguage is a media platform that uses Youtube (Vimeo, Blogs, etc.) and crowd-sourced content to teach foreign languages in a fun and effortless way. Imagine karaoke style learning. The Founder is a YCombinator and Seedcamp finalist, so this is our chance to prove how much better we are.

KeenSkim summarizes web articles & news (highlights the most relevant sentences). Just like a paper-highlighter. The read-less-learn/know-more tool was brought by our first Romanian team lead by Tudor Vlad.

La Koketa is a digital wardrobe and a personal stylist for iPhone that solves every woman’s problem what to wear on any occasion. La Koketa helps you express your unique style and advises you how to combine your clothes and create fresh outfits.

MaistorPlus solves the common problem of finding a reliable builder or handyman. An online platform that brings master craftsmen and homeowners together it follows closely the successful example of MyBuilder in the UK in a much tougher region, notorious for its “bash meisters”, which are particularly fond of the internet. The team was also runner up at the StartIT Smart Idea Challenge.

Playground Energy is an innovative company which is committed to the idea of converting children’s energy at outdoor playgrounds in to WiFi signal, light, charge for mobile devices etc. The fun, learning and win-win experience for kids and parents are key elements. The team brings together Red Dot award winner Ilian Milinov and serial entrepreneur Hristo Alexiev.

Sensika is a cloud based solution that turns any business into a smart enterprise, whose team is able to sense in real time all relevant insights from its external and internal environment in order to get the job done – fast and efficient. To put it simply, it’s your corporate information intelligence solution (your inhouse intelligence agency). Sensika brings together a top team of serial entrepreneurs in ICT with experience in big data processing, complex cross-platform integration, semantics and more that doesn’t plan to challenge CIA (just yet).

SoccerScout is a professional web based network for soccer players, coaches, agents and teams. In addition to providing instant global access to participants in this industry, it creates new transfer opportunities and radically reduces operational costs for player scouts. The project is the new disruption of Stilian Shishkov, a former soccer player and arguably the most successful web entrepreneur in the region at present.

Ulympix brings back Olympics to its original principles, by providing a platform for global challenges, allowing people to express themselves in what they do best. So make your own competition and challenge the world. Beware of the top Turkish software team behind the project, as their defense sector background is challenging enough itself.

Enjoy the journey and we hope to see the rest of you come back even stronger in October!

8 thoughts on “The First 11 @ Eleven

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  2. Marfi

    As part of the Sensika team, I would like to express my gratitude to the entire Eleven team, its mentors and associates. We are thrilled to be part of this first cohorte and we’re looking forward to all the challenging and amazing things that lay ahead.

    Also, I am using the opportunity to lurk any php & mySQL gurus with an exquisite offer for hard, challenging work that sweetly pays off when you take a breath and admire your creation.

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