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The Impostor’s Syndrome Or Why You Need To Believe In Your Own Success


The Impostor’s Syndrome Or Why You Need To Believe In Your Own Success

Guest post by Kathleen Fritzsche, StartUp Stuttgart

A new year starts, a lot of new resolutions ensue. In startup business, that usually means working even harder, going to more high-level networking events to make contacts and scaling your business tremendously. But what does it mean on a personal level? Is working hard the only key to success?

Being successful is the ultimate goal for entrepreneurs, given that your startup has a 20% chance to survive and is even less likely to excel in terms of product-market fit and revenue. You read all those success stories every day in the respective startup media. But they are only the positive side of the medal; nearly nobody speaks of the other side publicly. Startup life is indeed hard and risky; finding a way to make people pay for your product or service is often like searching for the Holy Grail of startup universe. Working nearly 24/7 will become routine during the first years of starting your company. If only there weren’t all these doubts about following the right track and the misbelief that when something finally turns out right and users pay for your product, that it’s your merit of working your butt off for the last two years.

This phenomenon is often called impostor’s syndrome. It includes all the entrepreneurs who doubt their own success; fairly often expressed by female entrepreneurs as well. They don’t believe in their accomplishments even if there is external evidence and other people are giving you special credit for it. This sensation is as well frequently expressed by people who are being accepted into startup bootcamps, special educational experiences (read Pia Henrietta Kekäläinens interesting thoughts about being accepted to Singularity University); and also accelerator programs.

All those prospects are the great opportunities of your life. Take them as they come and believe in your skills and your success. Discuss your doubts with other people to develop different perspectives and solutions! The path is rocky but worth traveling to grow your own business. Make the best of it and use every opportunity to learn on the way!