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The New 12 of Eleven


The New 12 of Eleven

one-of-black-01The new year has come and the Eleven family has just grown by 12, now counting 95! We have a new colourful crowd under the Roof that’s serving from babies, through baseball players, to medical doctors.


We are venturing offline quite seriously this time around with our first apparel, second healthy food and one sanitary ware company. We are also investing in four more hardware projects, bringing our total count of hardware startups to 20. The rest of the companies from this batch, while covering quite different clients and customer needs, all have a big SaaS element in their business model, growing our SaaS family to more than 25 projects.


Discover the startups in the 8th season of Eleven!


Angel Baby (Bulgaria)


With cult-like following among Bulgarian moms that have tried their baby clothes, this kid’s apparel producer and retailer will be looking to grow in Europe this year.


Adora (Slovenia)


Our second Slovenian team has developed a device that allows doctors to open and review patient images and records using only voice and gesture control, thus saving time spent in the operating room and facilitating the work for surgeons.


ARTery (Bulgaria)


The startup aims to help artists and crafters to market and sell their handmade products to a wider online audience. The software tool is a central place to manage multiple electronic stores on portals such as Etsy and others.


Baker Street (Bulgaria)


If Google Ventures can invest in a coffee company, then enough digital, let’s talk about natural food. Production and delivery of high-quality bread and desserts that are tasty and truly healthy.


Colombio (Croatia)


Online crowdsourcing platform for journalism, which can be used by any news media company as customer engagement product for news production. The lifeline between media and news witnesses, facilitating the exchange of information, photographs, videos and so on.


EnWake (Serbia/Bulgaria)

This pair of special light eye glasses helps you return to your natural sleep rhythm when changing timezones or working late at night. The mobile app will tell you when is just the right time to get a 20-minute shot of the blue light so that you synchronize your body clock back to normal. Backed by chronobiology science!


Kuknall (Bulgaria)


Coming straight out of Start It Smart’s Pre-accelerator this sanitary footboard is an addition to your WC interior and makes the going to the toilet experience better. Up to a fourth of people suffer pain and hemorrhoids because of long hours sitting behind the desk. A small change in posture can eliminate these hidden and rarely discussed health issues.


Max Cart (Bulgaria)


Hundreds of e-commerce stores already use the Max Cart shopping cart solution. Now the team is expanding their product by offering a complete integration of online and offline sales channels, combining inventory management, CRM and payments in one place.


Peerbelt (Bulgaria)


Software that helps site owners and especially news media keep their audience engaged by analysis of user behaviour and automatic curation of content. It’s a bit complex, but there are patents on the technology and this senior team coming back from the US is up to the task.


Scoutee (Slovenia)


Targeting the baseball community, this software-hardware system gives young players the opportunity to track their performance and review their progress in the cloud. In addition all the information and individual profiles are available online to help connect players and coaches.


ThiefScry (Croatia)


The problem of bike theft is as old as the bike itself. This compact device gets mounted on the wheel of your bicycle and deters potential thieves. If anyone makes an attempt on your property, the alarm will sound and notification and GPS tracking information will be sent to your smartphone.


Tickey (Bulgaria)

Another team coming from the Pre-accelerator and previous Startup Weekend winner, albeit with a different product. This time around they are nailing mobile public transport ticketing and helping cities become smarter. With Tickey your smartphone becomes your bus entry pass and more.


So the ever growing Eleven community just got stronger with 35 more great entrepreneurs alongside 400 of their peers, together with more than 300 mentors and another 200 investors and collaborators, that can now proudly say they are “One of 11”.