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Unioncy is Now Officially Up!


Unioncy is Now Officially Up!

don’t forget to sign up at

We’re proud to say that Unioncy, your online treasure trove and best mate for organizing your personal belongings and discovering new products, is officially launching today.

Unioncy is now open and free for all users. The site offers a wide set of features that will
help you in getting information about what to do with all your items. Go try it and sign up
for free at!

Recent research shows that the estimated worth of unused items at home is £90bn in
the UK alone. Yes, you read it right – ninety billion pounds! This is where the team of
Unioncy is focusing their efforts. The platform is helping you to reduce your own clutter,
find out the current value of the stuff you no longer use or want and to keep better track
of products. We all think organizing can be a daunting and boring task. The Unioncy team
has put a lot of effort into making the design simple and fun.

Once you register on, you are entering a world of more than 80 million
products. As a part of the Unioncy movement, you can also contribute to Discover Boards
– online user boards where you can participate in leaving feedback and opinions on “neat
ideas” and other design inspirations, as well as on the Unioncy Blog.

From now on it’s easy to get organized! So, what are you waiting for? Join Unioncy!
Everyone is invited 🙂

Happy cataloging!

Team Eleven

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